Native American Myths

Jumlin: Deeply rooted in the religious lore and Shamanism of the Lakota Sioux, Cherokee and Black Foot Nations. A medicine man who called forth an evil spirit to help his barren wife concieve.  Upon entering this realm the spirit which fed off the blood of the living possessed Jumlin, the medicine man.  He was very cruel and killed all the men in the tribe.  When his wife bore child, he took his son and fled.  Soon they created more like themselves and still walk the earth today.Source

Kwakiutl/Kwakiytl: A native American Peoples from British Colombia that practiced Cannibalism in it’s hgher ranks of society.  They ate their slaves by tearing them assunder and were the most powerful of secret societies.  The Haida Indians of the Queen Charlotte Islands practiced similiar rites.

U`TLÛÑ’TÄ VAMPIRE: From cherokee myth, a bloodthirsy ogress who can shapechange and has rockhard skin.  Her native form is that of an old woman.  She has a long hard forefinger made of bone in the shape of an awl or spearhead on her right hand. Other names:’Spear-finger’, Nûñ’yunu’ï, or ‘Stone-dress’


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